Own A Piece of Michael Jackson’s Arcade


Michael Jackson needs to pay for more plastic surgery. Will you help him by buying his old six-player X-Men arcade cabinet?

Times are tough for The King of Pop (if you can even still call him that). Recently reported being under treatment for a “MSRA-type superbug” which apparently spread from his nose to the rest of his body after surgery, Jackson is apparently in dire enough financial straits that he’s being forced to auction off a good chunk of his personal arcade. Either that or he really just doesn’t like playing Virtua Tennis 2 anymore.

Scanning the auction’s catalog isn’t just like reading through a history of arcade gaming, it’s like looking at a chronology of gaming itself. We’ve got plenty of old arcade faves like your Dance Dance Revolutions and Street Fighters, pinball classics like Star Trek: The Next Generation, even “hey do you remember this pile?” fare like The Lost World: Jurassic Park and War Gods. But there’s also demo stations for everything from the Dreamcast to the Super Nintendo to the Virtual Boy, as well.

Virtual Boy? I guess when you’re The King of Pop you just buy whatever you want and think about it later. Anyway, for those of you with mountains of cash, the auction is being run by Julien’s and will be starting on April 24. As for me, I’ll just stick with surfing Craigslist and hoping that somebody puts up a Primal Rage cabinet for cheap.

[Via Joystick Division]

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