You might not want to actually fight crime with this motorcycle, but you’ll certainly look as cool as Batman on it.

When The Dark Knight hit theaters in 2008, Batman’s motorcycle nearly stole the show during its few minutes of screen time. The Batpod was such a popular creation that it became the toy and model that everyone wanted to own. However, one man has taken his enthusiasm to an extreme and had a custom motorcycle created in the image of The Bat’s ride.

Motorcycle rider Pankaj Sah commissioned Chopper City USA to build him a real-life version of the Batpod, known as the “PS-Pod.” It may look similar to the movie version, but it had to have some modifications made so it would stay street legal, such as making the bike ride like a regular motorcycle instead of forcing the driver to lie on their stomach. Naturally, the bike doen’t feature the armaments Bruce Wayne included in his version, but it does mimic their appearances.

This isn’t a one-of-a-kind deal, as Chopper City states on its website that it’s happy to build such a bike for other customers. That said, the cost of such a creation isn’t listed on the company’s website, though it almost assuredly doesn’t come cheap.

Source: Chopper City USA via Geek

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