Ozzy Osbourne to Appear at BlizzCon

Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne will reportedly be making an appearance at next week’s BlizzCon in Anaheim, California.

Rumors that the Prince of Darkness would be making an appearance at the annual celebration of all things Blizzard started spreading last month when fellow heavy-metal frontliner Zakk Wylde tweeted that he and Osbourne were reportedly going to be appearing together at the show. Last week, there was a bit more fuel thrown on the rumor fire when another (less-known) guitarist said he’d be playing there, too.

Now, a DirecTV listing seems to confirm this beyond a shadow of a doubt, reports wow.com. Assuming that, as Blizzard’s media partner for the event, DirecTV knows what it’s talking about, we now know that Osbourne will making a “special appearance” at the event. And that’s… actually all we know. Nothing more than that.

So, time for some wild speculation!

The obvious conclusion is that Ozzy will be taking the stage either alongside (or instead of) Blizzard in-house band Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain, but as awesome as that would be, it’s kind of a boring prediction. So how’s this: Bitter over Activision cutting loose Tim Schafer’s Brutal Legend, the big bosses at Blizzard have decided to make their own heavy metal game. A heavy metal MMOG, in fact! Named Cataclysm.

So yes, there you have it, folks. Blizzard will be announcing a heavy-metal-themed MMOG named Cataclysm next week at BlizzCon via Ozzy Osbourne. Or, uh, I guess they could be making that Bard class a reality.

BlizzCon is August 21st and 22nd, and your trusty News Team will be right there covering the event!

(Via VG247)

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