Oh sure, Pac-Man looks harmless… but would it be so benign in real life? As French prankster Rémi Gaillard shows, munching dots isn’t so easy in the real world.

Gaillard hails from the same school of douchebaggery as Mega64 – bringing absurd videogame situations into the real world at the expense of everyone around him. It’s rude, it’d be annoying if it happened to you – but on film, it’s downright hilarious.

Back in December, Gaillard donned the familiar red cap to do a Mario Kart spoof. Now, he’s suiting up as someone yellow and round – not Homer Simpson, but as gaming’s iconic first binge eater, Pac-Man.

Honestly, that’s… pretty much all I have to say. If you ever wanted to watch Pac-Man and the Ghosts trash a supermarket, get hit with a golf club, and tackled by a security guard, then just watch the damn thing.

For a Frenchman, the guy has guts.*

*Note – We at The Escapist would like to offer a disclaimer and would never dream of impugning the noble French tradition of surrendering upon the first sight of conflict. They can’t defeat you if you don’t fight in the first place, right?

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