Michael Pachter believes that Sony’s motion controller may prove too confusing for consumers, which in turn may hurt sales.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that Move’s varying hardware requirements will hurt early sales of the system. Some Move games will need just the PlayStation Eye, others the Eye and the Move Controller, or two Move Controllers and the Eye, and so on, and it’s this that Pachter thinks will confuse people.

“In order to be safe, consumers wishing to participate in the Move experience will have to purchase the Eye, two Move controllers and the Navigation controller, plus a game,” he said.

Pachter also thinks that the cost of buying the system may also put people off: “If purchased as part of a bundle, the all-in cost to play with Move will approach $180, which we think is beyond the reach of the typical household. We think that Sony’s Move is truly impressive, but remain concerned that initial sales could disappoint.”

I can only assume that the $180 figure that Pachter quotes includes the cost of two Move controllers and a sub controller, or some other similar combination of products, as Sony confirmed at E3 that there would be a Move bundle available for less than $100.

Pachter does raise an interesting point, but it’s months before Move is available, which gives Sony time to educate the public and get them interested in motion gaming on the PS3. We probably won’t know if Pachter’s predictions are correct until early next year, as the holiday period is sure to make a big difference.

Source: MCV

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