Industry analyst Michael Pachter believes Sony’s “flawless” performance has helped to sell more than 1.5 million PS4 pre-orders.

Not too long ago Sony confirmed that PlayStation 4 pre-orders were “breathtakingly high” and had broken one million units sold. Since then it has proclaimed its intention to sell at least 5 million units by the end of fiscal year 2013. According to industry analyst Michael Pacther, the company may have taken another step toward that goal.

Speaking in a recent episode of Geoff Keighley’s Bonus Round, Pachter stated that PS4 pre-orders have, to his understanding, topped 1.5 million. While this is, of course, in no way an official number from Sony, Pachter’s role in the industry and the connections that come with it arguably lend the number a bit of credence.

That figure in mind, Pacther was fairly complimentary of Sony’s performance in the run up to the PS4’s nearing launch. “[Sony’s] been pretty flawless so far,” he said. “Everything they’ve said about PSN has been pretty flawless, and it sounds like there’s value for the cost [of PS4].” Comparatively, he thinks the Xbox One has significant hurdles to jump if Microsoft intends to compete with Sony on a toe-to-toe level. “They need to give the gamer a reason to spend another hundred bucks and Kinect isn’t it.”

In turn, he believes the PS4 “is going to outsell Xbox One at through year’s end and probably well into next year.” Whether or not this winds up being the case is something we’ll have to see. That said, when you factor in things like the PS4’s lower price and the mounds of bad press Xbox One is still arguably recovering from, it makes sense that a lot of hardcore gamers would go with PlayStation 4. What do you think? Does Pachter have the right idea with this, or is he underestimating the prospects of the Xbox One?

Source: GameTrailers via GamerThirst

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