Using a GPS signal, mobile application PacMap turns you into Pac Man and makes the world your game board.

If your dream in life is to eat pellets while being chased by ghosts on the city streets like Pac Man, PacMap has just made your dream come true. The free Android application uses a GPS signal to turn the entire world into a game of Pac Man.

The accompanying video isn’t the most exciting thing in town, but it does demonstrate how PacMap works. It puts a Pac Man icon on the user, and displays pellets throughout the actual map of the area he/she is in. The player’s goal is to collect as many pellets as possible, each awarding one point.

But be afraid, because ghosts chase you in PacMap just like they do in a game of Pac Man. Players must avoid these ghosts while maneuvering through the streets, buildings, and landmarks of their environments. The game’s difficulty level can be altered to change the speed of the ghosts so it can be played while on foot.

PacMap is an entertaining idea, but it sure sounds dangerous too. I hope to whatever god I’m supposed to believe in that nobody ever plays it while operating a motor vehicle. If we ever hear about a massive accident with the responsible party saying he/she was “escaping from ghosts,” it could be chalked up to a game of PacMap. Clever concept, though.

PacMap can be found here

Source: Destructoid

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