Out of the ashes of Pandemic’s shuttering comes a demo trailer for Mercs Inc, a multiplayer game set in the Mercenaries universe.

Pandemic Studios was officially shut down last week, but that doesn’t mean that its Mercenaries franchise is dead. A demo video has been leaked for a title called Mercs Inc, which was in development at Pandemic before the studio was dismantled.

The trailer comes courtesy of Dorian Compo, former visual effects artist at Pandemic, who describes Mercs Inc as a “multiplayer sandbox” game. On his website, he writes “Too bad it was cancelled because the effects were coming along,” not giving a whole lot of hope for the project to still see the light of day.

However, a press release of sorts officially acknowledged Mercs Inc on the Pandemic message boards, saying that it’s in a conceptual form of developmentat EA LA, though according to a Bitmob source the project may not have been given the full green light yet. The source also says that around a dozen former Pandemic employees are still working on it, but probably not any of these guys.

(Via: Bitmob)

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