Wing Commander. Arts and crafts. If that doesn’t sound like a match made in Heaven to you, you need to look at Paper Commander, a site that offers detailed plans for creating all the coolest ships of the entire Wing Commander franchise.

Jalthi. Dralthi. Broadsword. Sabre. They’re all here and the level of detail is absolutely stunning. Some models offer plans at different scale levels and difficulty ranges from the Kilrathi Jrathek – an “ideal choice for beginners” – to the Terran Sabre, which requires a third-degree black belt in origami.

The site features models from throughout the Wing Commander franchise including Wing Commander: Armada, Wing Commander: Prophecy and the Secret Ops add-on and even Wing Commander: Privateer. To satisfy the truly discerning Wing Commander fan, each plan on the site also includes detailed ship information by way of the Wing Commander Combat Information Center. Plans come in either Adobe .PDF or a proprietary Pepakura Designer format and links to the necessary viewing software are included.

The site is a bit heavy on the Engrish but not indecipherably so and the cool factor of these plans, particularly for old-time space jockeys, is more than worth a bit of a linguistic struggle. Grab some plans at and start building your fleet!

via: Boing Boing

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