Imagine if you could play as the alien trying to escape human captivity?

Games where you play as Burly McGruff marine and shoot aliens are a dime a dozen, but how about games where you play as the alien? And not just an alien that can instantly disembowel every fleshy human he comes across, but a weak and vulnerable alien that must escape human captivity using stealth and environment puzzles? If this piques your interest, you may want to check out Paradise Lost: First Contact.

Paradise Lost: First Contact uses a gorgeous pixel-art “Metroidvania“-style, and the stealth gameplay is very Metal Gear Solid-esque. You play as a plant-like self-replicating alien, who can use special abilities such as sleep spores and timed-life minions to escape his prison. The developer boasts that the full version of the game will contain:

  • A huge map full of secrets, traps and puzzles, based on stealth gameplay and platform challenges mixed with RPG skill progression
  • Different ways to face situations, using an wide range of abilities like mental control, camouflage, decoys, organic bombs, and more
  • Deep storytelling full of intense dialogues, twists, and action sequences

Perhaps the most interesting part of the game is just how bizarre and strange the alien is. Rather than just playing the Mass Effect trick of “regular humanoids with blue skin,” the creature in Paradise Lost feels uniquely, distinctly, alien. The trailer gave me a very Ridley Scott’s Alien vibe, especially during the sequence of the film where the alien was still a chestburster.

Check out the impressive reveal trailer above, and be sure to vote for the game on Steam Greenlight if you like what you see. Keep an eye on the developer’s website for more info about the game.

Source: Ash Tree Works via Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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