Paradise Lost: First Contact screen

There are just four days left to contribute to the Paradise Lost Kickstarter.

Paradise Lost: First Contact made waves earlier in the year with its unique 2D pixel-art stealth-action. Initially appearing on Steam Greenlight (which has since been approved), it made its way over to Kickstarter, as most indie videogames tend to do these days. When we last checked on it, it had raised almost half of it’s $70,000 funding goal. Now, the team has hit the $100,000 funding mark, guaranteeing a release of the game on Steam, PS3, PS4, Wii U and PS Vita.

Furthermore, the Ouya team has announced that it will be working with the developer to bring the game to the Ouya console. “Good news for Ouya owners! The console team contacted us and talked about the issue of porting PLFC to his platform. We think our game fits perfectly on it so we say to ourselves: ‘Why not? More people to enjoy the game!'”

The $100,000 mark also brings with it the “language translation” stretch goal, meaning that the game will be professionally localized into several different languages.

There are still six stretch goals left, and only four days remaning in the game’s Kickstarter campaign. The next goal, “Secret Chapter 1” will be unlocked if the team raises $125,000, and the final goal, a multiplayer mode, is set at $270,000.

The release date for the game is tentatively set for December, 2014.

Source: Kickstarter

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