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New Transformers Movie in the Works with Blue Beetle Director

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Even more Autobots are going to roll out. THR is reporting that Paramount has made a blind script commitment to develop another Transformers movie, and it is tapping Marco Ramirez to write the screenplay with Angel Manuel Soto attached to direct. Details on the movie are pretty scarce since a screenplay isn’t even written yet, but the film is said to be separate from the main universe of films that kicked off with Michael Bay and most recently rebooted with Bumblebee.

A blind script commitment with Transformers means that Paramount has some strong faith in Marco Ramirez to deliver something good, as it’s paying him before the screenplay exists. The writer worked on Sons of Anarchy and Daredevil, using the latter to jump to the showrunner position on The Defenders. That means he was involved with two of Netflix’s better Marvel series before that whole thing blew up and could deliver a pretty interesting take on Transformers.

Meanwhile, Angel Manuel Soto makes sense for Transformers as he is something of a hot commodity right now after his film Charm City Kings won plaudits at Sundance last year. He was recently tapped to direct DC’s Blue Beetle, and it shows that Paramount is taking the franchise further from the overblown day of Michael Bay, a process that kicked off with Travis Knight’s relatively more thoughtful Bumblebee. The director and writer also show Paramount expanding the diversity of the teams behind its franchise.

This is far from the only Transformers content being developed by Paramount, which is working to turn the franchise into a multiplatform behemoth like never before. It’s tapped Creed II director Stephen Caple Jr. to film the next installment in the mainline films and additionally has a theatrical animated film in the works. There’s also, of course, the continuation of the franchise’s long cartoon series history with Transformers: War for Cybertron on Netflix as well.

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