Parent Accussed

A Chinese couple is accused of selling their children for money that they then used for video games.

Filed under the category of “horrible things awful people do,” two Chinese parents are facing serious charges for selling their children to feed their free-to-play gaming fix.

The parents, A Hui and A Mei, sold their children to child traffickers to receive money for internet cafes and to buy items in free-to-play games. According to the couple, who spoke to a local television station behind bars in a detention center, their first child was unplanned and they didn’t have the means to support the child financially. Instead, they chose to receive compensation from child traffickers.

When A Mei was pregnant again, they faced the same issue as before of not being able to support a growing family, and again they exchanged their child for money. A Hui’s father found out about their discretions and reported them to the police. The couple is now awaiting trial.

Free-to-play games are currently very popular in China. Additionally, at the beginning of this year China lifted their 14-year-old ban on video game consoles.

Source: Complex

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