PAX 2008: Our Five Favorite Cosplayers (That We Have Pictures Of):

Our Five Favorite Cosplayers (That We Have Pictures Of):

It can be tough on the crowded PAX show floor to get a picture of someone with a spectacular costume: by the time you’ve rummaged through your bag for your camera, Mario and Luigi have vanished into the crowd. We at The Escapist and WarCry would like to celebrate the few attendees brave enough to not only walk around Seattle in costume … but to let us capture them on camera for posterity while doing it.

Naked Snake (Metal Gear Solid 3)

Despite the name, he’s actually wearing clothes – but this attendee who chose to go as the lead character of Metal Gear Solid 3 has the checklist covered: Camo? Check. Bandanna? Check. Manly facial hair? Check. The Boss? Check. All he’s missing is a set of mismatched face-paint, a half-eaten tree frog, and the voice of David Hayter.

Godot (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations)

This con-goer chose to dress as the smooth-talking, java-chugging, visor-clad prosecutor antagonist of the third Phoenix Wright game, and one has to wonder how he walked around the show floor without crashing into everything in sight with that thing on his face. My favorite part – the giant novelty mug that was actually filled with coffee.

Dante & That Other Guy (Devil May Cry series)

They’ve got the hair, they’ve got the jackets, but these two wouldn’t have been half as good if they didn’t have those massive foam swords. Foam swords are the best.

And last, but certainly not least, our favorite cosplayer from PAX 2008:

Man-Peach (Mario series)

I think the image speaks for itself. The Escapist and WarCry love Man-Peach, and so should you.

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