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PAX Aus 2014 Day 2: Mass Effect Mayhem


Some amazingly detailed Mass Effect cosplayers were the spotlight of PAX Aus day 2.

PAX Australia continues, and our own Steven Bogos remains on the scene taking in the sights and sounds and especially the costumes. If you saw saw the first gallery from the event, then you know that PAX Australia attendees have delivered some incredible cosplay, but the second day puts the first to shame. Read on for the best of what Steven saw.

pax aus cosplay day 2 010 - pokemon totodilesmall

Pokemon Totodile

I think we all know who to choose if we get into a battle in deep, deep south (of planet Earth).


pax aus cosplay day 2 003 - mass effect - tali and legionsmall

Tali and Legion

At last, peace has come to the Quarian homeworld. Thanks, Australia!

pax aus cosplay day 2 005 - mass effect - shepard and liara

Shepard and Liara

The way so many Liara cosplayers make the creation of an Asari headpiece look easy never fails to blow my mind. This costume is amazing.

pax aus cosplay day 2 002 - mass effect - male shepard

Male Shepard

This guy is tired of your disingenuous assertions.

pax aus cosplay day 2 006 - mass effect - jack

Jack Mass Effect

Nothing to say except that this great costume includes nice detail on the tattoo work, and that it demonstrates that anyone who dresses like Jack looks inherently dangerous. I’ve yet to see that not be the case.

pax aus cosplay day 2 001 mass effect - female shepard

Female Shepard

This kind of looks like the shot was taken right when Female commander Shepard decided not to import her relationship with Liara from the first game.

pax aus cosplay day 2 012

Batman and Harley Quinn

I love how this costume has the Christian Bale body suit but the George Clooney mask.

pax aus cosplay day 2 018 league of legends genderswapped ezreal and lux

Genderswapped Ezreal and Lux

And now we bring the legally mandated League of Legends cosplay, starting with this adorable Genderswapped duo costume.

pax aus cosplay day 2 014 - league of legends - sona, frosted ezreal, frozen annie

Sona, Frosted Ezreal, Frostfire Annie

That Frostfire Annie costume is kind of amazing.

pax aus cosplay day 2 004 - league of legends katarina


A suitably badass Katarina.

pax aus cosplay day 2 021 lara croft

Lara Croft

Lara Croft also doesn’t have time for your disingenuous assertions.

pax aus cosplay day 2 013 link and zelda

Link and Zelda

Show of hands: how many of you like Wind Waker? And if you hate it, why? No reason for asking this question other than that it always seems to happen when the game is brought up. Meanwhile, here are Link and Zelda but not from Wind Waker.

pax aus cosplay day 2 007 tf2 - sniper and pyro

Sniper and Pyro

Weirdly, this is the only Team Fortress 2 cosplay in the gallery.

pax aus cosplay day 2 009 - this mario is actually me

Mario and Yoshi

This actually is our intrepid photographer Steven Bogos in disguise as one of the convention’s janitorial and maintenance staff (the M on the hat is for maintenance.) I think he might be dressed as a plumber, but he’s with some random lizard thing, not sure what that is.

pax aus cosplay day 2 011 - halo master chief


EDIT: This is actually an ODST, Not Master Chief. Thanks to commenter James Rutter for noting it.

pax aus cosplay day 2 017 borderlands 2 mad moxxie

Axton and Mad Moxxie

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is a really great game, but man is it buggy. Also, there’s a glitch that grants you immortality during the final level. Hopefully that doesn’t get patched out. (Kidding!) I bring this up because it was designed in Australia, just like (probably) these two cosplayers, both of whom looks awesome.

pax aus cosplay day 2 016 - borderlands 2 handsome jack

Handsome Jack (with Claptrap)

Not pictured: Jack taking the final claptrap in existence and thus ending the line forever.

pax aus cosplay day 2 023 dancing stormtrooper


By far the jauntiest walk to cellblock 1138 ever recorded.

pax aus cosplay day 2 019 doctor who the doctor, jenny, river song

Doctors Who and Friends

The fun thing about this is that Doctor Who cosplay can easily do double duty as the nicest outfit you have in the event you have to attend something fancy.

pax aus cosplay day 2 025 hercules


It’s the TV version of Hercules, only somehow combined with the Jason Momoa version of Khal Drogo AND Conan.

pax aus cosplay day 2 020 adventure time bmo

Adventure Time BMO

It’s Beemo! I have nothing to add except dawww.

pax aus cosplay day 2 022 spawn


Spawn downunder, in which he goes up against a swarm of Red-Back Spiders.

pax aus cosplay day 2 015 - metal gear solid 5 snake

Solid Snake, Metal Gear 5

It’s Solid Snake as you’re never seen him before. I mean, without a convoluted personal history. I’m obviously assuming this guy hasn’t been cloned.

pax aus cosplay day 2 008 - mortal kombat - jade and scorpion

Jade and Scorpion

These costumes are great, but now I’ve got “MORTAL KOMBAAT!!! unce unce unce unce” stuck in my head.

pax aus cosplay day 2 024 kingdom hearts sora

Kingdom Hearts’s Sora

We’re Sora, but this is the last picture in this cosplay gallery.

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