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Read Article Bioware Releases Mysterious Mass Effect Teaser for N7 Day 2023
The new Mass Effect game has received a mysterious teaser for N7 Day 2023.
Read Article Mark Darrah and the Mass Effect Team Are Helping to Finish Dragon Age: Dreadwolf
Former Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah returns to BioWare to help finish Dreadwolf, alongside the Mass Effect team joining up.
Read Article Is EA Actually Good Again?
With Dead Space, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and EA Originals, I am cautiously optimistic about the future of EA for the first time in a long long time. EA might be good again.
Read Article Michael Scott Saves the Galaxy in Hilarious New Edited Mass Effect Video
Michael Scott from The Office heads back to the Mass Effect universe to defuse conflict on the Normandy and save the Citadel and the galaxy in a hilarious edit video.
Read Article Michael Scott from The Office in Mass Effect Is Perfect
Michael Scott from The Office Looks at Miranda From Mass Effect in edited YouTube video
Read Article Waiting for the New Mass Effect Has Become a Fun Game in Itself
waiting for new Mass Effect game from BioWare has become a fun game in itself
Read Article Fans Decode Secret Message for New Mass Effect, Seems to Be from Liara
BioWare released a teaser for the new Mass Effect to celebrate N7 Day, and it looks like fans have already decoded a secret message with Liara and the Geth taking about human defiance.
Read Article Dragon Age 4 Is Single-Player, BioWare Reaffirms
Dragon Age 4, Next Dragon Age, BioWare, update, 2022, single player, single-player, live-service, live service
Read Article Amazon Is Closing in on a Deal to Make a Mass Effect TV Series
Amazon Is Closing in on a Deal to Make a Mass Effect TV Series EA BioWare
Read Article The Secret Origins of the Illusive Man
Mass Effect secret origins of Illusive Man Jack Harper origin story reapers evolution comic


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