Michael Scott from The Office heads back to the Mass Effect universe to defuse conflict on the Normandy and save the Citadel and the galaxy in a hilarious edit video.

Michael Scott from The Office is heading back to the Mass Effect universe to defuse conflict on the Normandy. YouTuber eli_handle_b.wav has uploaded a new video, “Michael Scott resolves conflicts in Mass Effect,” as a follow-up to a brilliant viral video edit they created last month, and it’s just as good the second time around.

Let’s face it: Commander Shepherd could never be half the leader that Michael Scott is. This latest video hammers home that idea with an even more creative take on what it would be like if The Office and Mass Effect had a weird crossover. This time, Michael defuses an argument between Jack and Miranda — but only seconds before he tells off that weird ghost kid from Mass Effect 3 to restore peace in the galaxy. The real highlight, though, sees Michael visiting his favorite stores on the citadel. Even the merch is Mass Effect-themed, so although this video is around a minute shorter than its predecessor, it might have had more effort put into it.

At least eli_handle_b.wav is here to give us a laugh while BioWare toils away on the next Mass Effect title. Today’s clip arrives only one month after the first Office edit, so hopefully, there will be many more to come. You can see Michael Scott meet Mass Effect once again in the video edit below.

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