Pax Dei social sandbox MMO game reveal trailer Mainframe Industries

Mainframe Industries has shared the reveal trailer for its social sandbox MMO game Pax Dei, asking players, “What world will you make?” This question is less hyperbole and more a question that goes hand in hand with the game’s emphasis on its players decisions and creations. Mainframe Industries states that players will work to create everything in Pax Dei‘s visually impressive world, from tending to gardens or making their own clothes, to fortifying their village with walls and weapons. And of course you’ll be building all this in a clan of fellow live players.

Along with creating a living and thriving community, the trailer suggests there will be plenty to explore in Pax Dei with a number of mythical legends, ghosts, and dragons in a dangerous wilderness teeming with treasures. And players will use the spoils from expeditions and battles to help reinforce their clans and towns, meaning any activity you take on will continue to help your in-game community.

While teaming up with others in the online experience looks to be one of the main draws, Pax Dei will also include PvP options for fights between individual players, as well as full-out battles between clans as a whole. And while Mainframe Industries has not yet announced a release date, signups for playtesting Pax Dei title are currently open on their website if you just can’t wait to get started creating your unique story through the MMO. If you want to hear about the game straight from the developers themselves though, check out the introduction video below.

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