PAX Organizers Confirm Swine Flu Case at Show


If you’re feeling ill and were at PAX 09 last weekend, you should definitely go get yourself checked out, because PAX organizers have reported that there was a confirmed case of H1N1 at the show.

Fears of the H1N1 virus, otherwise known as the swine flu, tempered some of the festivities at this year’s E3, but the disease was not much of a concern in the weeks leading up to the Penny Arcade Expo 2009, which just occurred this past weekend in Seattle. Now the organizers of the gathering are reporting that there was indeed a confirmed case of the swine flu at PAX 09.

“Just heard of our first test-confirmed swine flu case at the show,” the organizers wrote on Twitter. “PLEASE if you feel symptoms (fever, etc) go to the doctor.”

Around 60,000 people attended the convention, which means that there was quite a number of possibilities for the disease to spread. “This is the real thing. If you get this number of people together in this close a proximity it is the perfect storm for these kind of wild fire virus spreads,” PAX’s Robert Khoo told Kotaku. “We just want to make sure everyone is informed.”

The swine flu is typically easy fodder for ridicule, but when it hits close to home it becomes no laughing matter. No need to freak out, though. If you’re feeling genuinely sick and went to PAX, just go see your doctor, get yourself checked out and – if necessary – get treated. Also be sure to send an email over to [email protected] and let the PAX folks know what’s up so they can spread the word.

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