Pay What You Want for 115 Hours of Game Design Courses


Got 115 hours? So do we-115 hours of game design and game developer training from Udemy. Learn game creation fast, and kickstart your career. You can pay what you want for the bundle at Escapist Deals.

Here are all the courses in the bundle:

  • Make Real Games: Become a Unity 3D Power User Course
  • Professional Video Game Art School Course
  • Engage Your Customers w/ Gamification Course
  • Learn To Craft “Hand-Painted” Text

That means Unity 3D, one of the most widely-used game development platforms. It also means a crash course in 2D and 3D drawing techniques, lessons in game layout and animation, and mastering hand-painted textures in Photoshop. Finally, you’ll get a course in engagement science, with lessons on the basics of gamification and user engagement.

Pay any amount, and you’ll get the courses in hand-painted textures and engagement science. Or you could beat the average price and you’ll get all four courses included to really knock your game design education out of the park.

Master game design and development more fully than you thought possible, and pay what you want for the bundle at Escapist Deals

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