Coding is the new literacy in today’s world, and a great place to get started is the Learn to Code 2017 Bundle. This comprehensive ten-course bundle encompasses instruction on the most essential programming skills anyone needs to become a job-ready, full-fledged coder in no time.

This “Pay What You Want” deal works two ways. If you just want the JavaScript course, you can pay any price you desire. Alternatively, you can beat the average price paid to get all ten courses and 156 hours of training in the bundle.

If you’re starting from scratch and considering a career in programming, we recommend the entire bundle – that’ll give you access to classes in Ruby, Python, Java, Git, and more. You’ll get hands-on training, building apps and websites from scratch as your pick up programming fundamentals that’ll you’ll use throughout your career.

Get started adding an invaluable skillset to your resume with the Learn to Code 2017 Bundle, now available for any price you want to pay.

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