Whether we’re talking Call of Duty or Flappy Bird, many of today’s most popular games are playable on a wide array of devices: Playstation, Mac, iPhone, you name it. The 2017 Master Game Development Bundle teaches you how to develop for them all, and you can now pay what you want for the instruction via New Atlas Deals.

You’ll dive into a wide array of essential instruction. Master tools like the game engines Unity 3D and Construct 2, which let you build games without coding them from scratch. Or if that is really your thing, dive into coding games with Java from the ground up. You’ll also access courses specific to coding for iOS and tvOS, and much more.

Here are the courses included in your bundle:

  • Learn 3D Game Development and Programming with Unity
  • Unity Android Game Development With Game Art & Monetization
  • The Complete Real-Time Web and Game Development Course
  • Advanced Game Development with Phaser
  • Unreal Engine 4: The Complete Beginner’s Course
  • The Complete iOS Game Course Using SpriteKit and Swift 3
  • Player vs. Player tvOS Games
  • Unity In App Purchase Complete Course
  • Learn Easy HTML5 Game Development in Construct 2
  • Java Game Development: Create a Flappy Bird Clone

To get the bundle, pay any price to get the last two courses listed above. To unlock the full lineup, simply beat the average price paid. Either way, you’ll be getting the content for a fraction of the normal retail price. Just pay what you want to get started on some serious game dev training while this offer lasts.

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