You keep your important papers under wraps…so make sure you’re doing the same for your online activity and email. Now’s your chance to pay what you want for AnonVPN and Nonkly disposable email at Escapist Deals.

AnonVPN is so secure, it doesn’t even keep your info on its own servers. Your online activity will be completely secure even on public Wi-Fi, and you’ll have quick access to geo-blocked streaming services like Hulu and Netflix almost anywhere in the world. To get your inbox just as secure, Nonkly protects your private email address while giving you an unlimited number of temporary email addresses to use on Craiglist, to sign up for new services, and more. Pay less than the average price and you’ll get a year of AnonVPN and a lifetime subscription to Nonkly. Beat the average price and you’ll get both for a lifetime.

Pay what you want for this can’t-miss duo at Escapist Deals.

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