PC Gamer announced a new campaign for Red Orchestra before developer Tripwire had a chance to do it.

Tripwire Interactive was caught scrambling for the PR department when PC Gamer ran an article about the new expansion Heroes of Stalingrad, before Tripwire wanted it being made public. Its hand forced, Tripwire has been forthcoming with details about the expansion and it looks like it might be a winner.

For those who haven’t played Red Orchestra yet, it’s a brilliant tactical FPS which, surprisingly, has excellent vehicle sections in as well.

These are proper Panzers though, as unreliable as they were, and the whole Red Orchestra feel is one of true realism. No HUD, no mega weapons and certainly no rocket jumps – down and dirty with Der Übermensch.

Heroes of Stalingrad takes places between July 1942 to February 1943 involving the surrounding operations around Stalingrad. While you can play as either Russians or Germans in the multiplayer mode, there’s also the chance to play as a lone German soldier for those bored with “LOL” on the headphones.

According to Tripwire, the strength of the Unreal 3 engine should “deliver an unrivaled WWII experience”. The website is up, but there maybe a fight for this – not just for sales but copyright issues – given this game is coming out soon as well.

Source: IncGamers

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