As the popularity of the PC continues to slide in the wake of console gaming dominance, major industry players are banding together in a coalition to promote the PC as a viable gaming platform for the future.

A San Jose Mercury News report says that heavyweights including Microsoft, Nvidia, Intel and AMD, along with a number of computer companies, will join a consortium known as the PC Gaming Alliance. Company representatives are working on an official announcement that will be made at next week’s Game Developers Conference, running February 18-22 in San Francisco.

NPD figures show PC gaming sales in decline, but those numbers don’t include revenue sources such as ad income from online gaming sites and MMOG monthly subscription fees. Speaking at the 2008 DICE Summit last week, Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Morhaime said, “We believe that the PC gaming industry is strong when you look at everything together.”

While Microsoft recently expanded its PC gaming efforts with the Games for Windows initiative, the PC Gaming Alliance will be an industry-wide effort intended to “coordinate and expand those efforts to improve the experience of playing games on computers.”

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