Game accessory company PDP has unveiled the SmartStylus for the Nintendo DS, a vibrating input device that’s big enough to kill someone.

The device will come in two models, SmartStylus 1 and SmartStylus 2, each featuring vibration feedback based on the movements and commands of the game. But the SmartStylus 2 takes DS stylus technology to the next level with sound and motion feedback as well as built-in LEDs. The motion feedback capability will let gamers use the stylus as a “motion input device,” allowing them to do things like “hit a home run by swinging the stylus off the DS screen.”

“The technologies offered by both the Gametrak Freedom and the SmartStylus tools are the first of their kind,” said PDP Senior Vice President of Marketing John Moore. “PDP is excited to be introducing these new technologies. They will create a new level of gaming that can be enjoyed by the whole family.”

The SmartStylus 1 is currently awaiting licensing from Nintendo and is scheduled to launch this fall.

Source: Gizmodo

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