Pearl Jam’s Ten Coming To Rock Band


Jeremy spoke in class today. He said, “I’m gonna fire me up some of Pearl Jam’s killer debut album on Rock Band in about three months.”

Grunge might be dead; but it’s still living on in a form the seminal rockers of the 90s probably least expected. Today, Harmonix and MTV Games announced it managed to get Pearl Jam to sign on the dotted line to bring the band’s first album, Ten, to Rock Band as DLC this spring.

“Just hearing the first few notes of ‘Jeremy’ or ‘Alive’ brings back all the raw emotion of this incredible, hugely important album. We are honored to be working with Pearl Jam to deliver Ten as it is re-issued,” said MTV’s senior VP of electronic games and music Paul DeGooyer in a press statement today.

Originally released in 1991, Ten kicked off a lucrative and successful recording career for the band. The album sold 12 million copies and reached the #2 slot on the Billboard 200 chart. The Ten DLC for Rock Band will launch to coincide with the special edition re-issue of album, which will be in stores on March 24, 2009. The band’s hit “Alive” is already available on the Rock Band 2 disc, but the upcoming track pack will contain the remainder of the tunes from the album:

1. Once
2. Even Flow
3. Why Go Black
4. Jeremy
5. Oceans
6. Porch
7. Garden
8. Deep
9. Release

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