Peggle Nights Hits Xbox Live Arcade This Month


Good news? The release of Peggle Nights for the Xbox Live Arcade is only days away. Even better news? The wildly addictive game will cost you less than a meal at McDonalds.

Specifically, creator PopCap Games is releasing the Xbox Live Arcade version of their followup to mega-hit Peggle on November 18. Those of you keeping score at home will realize that this is only two days away.

Instead of releasing Peggle Nights as a standalone game (as it did with the title’s PC release) Nights is going to launch as a downloadable add-on for the XBLA version of Peggle.

Thankfully, this means PopCap is free to affix a miniscule price point to the game. Case in point: Nights will only set you back 400 Microsoft Points (read: $5). No version of Peggle has ever been more than $20 in any of its incarnations, so a low price point was to be expected, but offering such an addictive, widely-beloved game for $5 is sure to leave more than a few Business 101 professors choking on whatever those sorts of people eat for breakfast.

Muffins? Probably muffins.

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