Penguins Scour the World for Underwear in Prinny Sequel


North America is getting the sequel to the only game to ever feature 1,000 penguins.

Whether you love or hate Disgaea developer Nippon Ichi Software’s games, it’s tough to say they aren’t original. One of the company’s unique series, featuring an exploding penguin with 1,000 lives, will be coming to North America for a second time.

NIS America and Sony recently announced that the sequel to Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? will be released on UMD and on the PlayStation Network for the PSP early next year. I never thought that NIS could beat out the original game’s weirdness factor, which cast players as 1,000 scarf-wearing penguins searching for the ultimate dessert ingredients, but the sequel definitely tops Hero.

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! once again has players taking on the roles of hundreds of penguins, but now they must sacrifice their lives to search for the female demon lord Etna’s lost underwear. If they don’t find it, they’ll be made into underwear themselves.

It’s a side-scrolling action platformer just like the first game, and though it can be quite challenging, Prinny 2 gives players 1,000 lives (and three difficultly levels) to make it manageable. Players double jump and slash their way through various stages while going up against enemies such as ghosts and evil apples.

According to NIS America, Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! will have “new skills, new stages, a new story, and a bonus story with a new main character,” meaning Princess Etna or another NIS character will also be getting his/her/its hands dirty this time around. NIS says there will be a special bonus for those that pre-order, but it hasn’t been revealed. Prinny 2 is scheduled for release in January.

Source: PS Blog

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