Persia joins the likes of Poland and Australia as the newest DLC civilization for Civilization VI.

Last month, Australia joined the Civilization ranks for the first time via a premium DLC. Last year, we saw Poland also be added. Now, Firaxis has announced that Persia will be the next DLC civilization to be added to the game, in a spring update that will also add another, unannounced civilization.

Led by Cyrus II “The Great”, Persia’s unique unit, the Immortal, gets a ranged attack as well as strong melee deference, and Cyrus’s leader ability gives bonus movement for all units and reduced diplomatic penalties when declaring surprise wars. He will definitely be a favorite of those looking for a conquest victory.

Persia also gets the Pairidaeza as a unique tile improvement. The Pairidaeza provides culture, gold and appeal, with bonuses for adjacent districts and city centers.

Persia and the as of yet unannounced civilization will be free to players with the deluxe version of the game. No pricing was given for players who choose to purchase DLC piecemeal. The spring update will also include some new scenarios, balance changes, multiplayer changes, and bug fixes that will be free for everyone.

Source: Firaxis

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