Persona 3 The Movie Trailer Takes You With A Mind Bullet

Makoto Yūki’s in more trouble than he could possibly imagine.

Shin Megami Tensei is a series beloved of its fans, and soon the Persona 3 movie adaptation The Spring Of Birth will kick off a series of films based on Atlus’ story, It’s only scheduled for Japanese release at the moment, hence the lack of subtitles, but that probably won’t deter most of you. Besides, anything as good as this is bound to cross the water at some point, though whether or not it will get a fan translation or something more official is anyone’s guess.

The film stars Akira Ishida as Makoto Yūki, a teen who, after enrolling at Gekkoukan High School, soon finds that things aren’t nearly as normal as they seem. Only he, his friends and their Personas can help defend humanity against the monsters that populate the Dark Hour. This isn’t the first time the Persona series has had an anime treatment; but production supervisor Seji Kishi has said that the adaptation follows Persona 3‘s dark themes.

This one’s going to get a November 23rd release in Japan – some fortunate Tokyo filmgoers have already enjoyed an advance screening – and with any luck it will sneak its way across to Western markets before too long!

Source: Game Informer

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