Atlus really knows how to tug at our purse strings, huh? As if re-releasing Persona 3 in portable form wasn’t enough to ensure massive sales, the publisher also threw in cameos from the characters of Persona 4.

The biggest difference between the PlayStation 2 and PSP versions of Persona 3 is that the portable iteration includes the option to play as a female character. Not much has been revealed on what sets the distaff option apart from her masculine counterpart, but, as Siliconera reports, it seems that at some point during her tale she can travel to Inaba, the sleepy burg featured in Persona 4.

Instead of popping up right in the midst of P4‘s plot however, your character will be interacting with the town as it appeared two years before obese teddy bears started literally breaking the fourth wall. Though that means you won’t get to punch the protagonist for flirting with Chie, it seems you will be able to visit the Amagiya Inn, complete with a more youthful Yukiko — though presumably you’ll still want to choke her every time she laughs.

Given how Persona fans tend to develop nearly romantic affection for the characters in these games, it’s a stroke of genius for Atlus to throw in this kind of fan service.

Okay, maybe “genius” is a bit too strong. At the very least, it’s a move the firm’s accountants can smile about while sipping mojitos and watching Gossip Girl.

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