Persona 5 Release Date Revealed


Persona 5 finally has an official Japanese release date of September 15, 2016.

Fans of Atlus’s Persona series have been disappointed by the delays surrounding its latest installment: Persona 5, but the good news is that the game now has a solid release date (at least in Japan). The game will launch on September 15, 2016, for the PS4.

The news was announced during a special livestream event on popular Japanese streaming service Nico2. It showed off a lot of new footage and features for the game, and you can check out a re-stream here.

Also announced were 15 pieces of additional DLC for the game, consisting mostly of costumes and music. You can check them out below:

This game has really been a long time coming – it was announced back in 2013 and was originally slated for launch in late 2014. The first delay pushed it back to 2015, and the second one to 2016.

There is still no official western release date for the game, but Atlus previously confirmed that the game would come to North America after its Japanese launch.

Source: Atlus

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