“Offensive;” get it? Because the video focuses on the game’s super attacks? Aww, you don’t get it.

As I just alluded, the latest footage of Persona 4: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena to come spilling out of Japanese arcades is something of a compilation of the game’s super attacks.

If you’ve played a fighting game at any point in the last decade, you should be familiar with the concept. By landing special attacks (or being badly wounded, if you’re playing an SNK game) your character gradually gains the ability to unleash a devastating super attack with all kinds of eye-catching graphical flourishes and epilepsy-inducing bursts of light.

Persona: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena stays with this tradition, but owing to the game’s roots as a fight based on Atlus’ Persona roleplaying games, each of the attacks is based on a maneuver found in the series’ canon iterations.

The video pretty much speaks for itself, though I want to point out two things.

First, I get a strong feeling that I’m going to absolutely hate Yukiko in this game. Unless I’m totally missing my mark, she seems like a dervish of spinning, linking attacks that just don’t end. Plus, I’ve always thought she was kind of a prude.

Second, did Kanji hit the gym since Persona 4? He was never a small guy, but it looks like he put on a ton of muscle since we last saw him. I love the character regardless, but I think I preferred the more Billy Idol-esque, lanky Kanji.

Otherwise, everything else looks very pretty, very flashy, and suitably well-animated. We’ve still no word on when or if this game will be headed to America, so keep those fingers crossed.

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