Peter Jackson Discusses New Game Studio

During a roundtable discussion, Peter Jackson discussed his new studio, Wingnut Interactive, and his reasons for starting it.

“I’ve got to the stage now where I just end up catching something on DVD and I’m more excited about games coming out in the next 2-3 months than films,” said Peter Jackson, director of Lord of The Rings and founder of Wingnut Interactive, an offshoot of his movie studio. “That created an awareness in me of the shift in entertainment options out there, and if I’m feeling that others are too.”

The decision to work with Microsoft Game Studios begins with plans to co-write, co-design and co-produce an original chapter in the Halo franchise with Bungie. This isn’t too surprising, given that Wingnut Studios will be producing the Halo movie. Peter Jackson will also be working on a second, unnamed game title for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. “Microsoft has built an amazing living canvas with Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, which allows the storytellers of our time to express themselves in a new medium,” said Jackson.

The goal is to approach game design with stories and scenarios that wouldn’t work as well in a movie. “We’re not going to force a round peg in a square hole,” he reasoned.

Finally, the recently announced Xbox 360 HD-DVD addon drive ($199 US) will include an HD version of King Kong, Peter Jackson’s latest film, for a limited time.


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