Peter Jackson Sends Video Blog Back from Middle Earth


After far too long in limbo, The Hobbit movies are underway, and their director appropriately enough has caught the moment on camera.

Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings movies, has recorded a video blog from the set of The Hobbit movies and posted it on his Facebook page. The video was recorded just before filming started on the movies, and gives a glimpse into what it’s like recreating Middle Earth in New Zealand.

Jackson showed off a few of the sets for the films. Some of them will look rather familiar – hardly surprisingly as they’ve appeared before in Lord of the Rings movies – while others, like the caves under the Misty Mountains, are brand new. We also get to see a fight rehearsal, and the very early stages of the scene where the young Bilbo – played by Martin Freeman – and the company of dwarves. We also get a look at the huge number of costumes needed for the movie, and get glimpses of how some of the props are made. Finally, Jackson shared the Maori welcoming ceremony that marked the first day of filming

It’s amazing to see how much care and attention to detail Jackson and his crew is taking with the movie. Jackson clearly has a great deal of love for the source material, and it really shows. Of course, it’s rather special to see Jackson on set at all, as he wasn’t supposed to be directing The Hobbit movies. That job was supposed to be Guillermo del Toro’s, but he had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts as the movies suffered delay after delay.

The first part of The Hobbit hits theaters in December next year.

Source: The One Ring

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