Peter Moore Needs A New Tattoo


EA’s Peter Moore says the coming year will be better than ever for EA Sports, and he’s willing to bet a tattoo on it.

Moore predicted big things for EA Sports over the coming year, writing in his official blog, “Our teams are talented, passionate and motivated. It’s a changing marketplace and they’re responding to the demands of our consumers by developing some incredible products for the season head. You’d expect nothing less from EA Sports, especially when you look at the successes of 2007.”

Although many high-profile EA Sports releases for 2007 received middling review scores, Moore used the opportunity to “set the record VERY straight” regarding several of the company’s biggest successes. Among them, he wrote, were various Sports Game of the Year accolades for the FIFA, NHL, NCAA Football and Madden NFL franchises, three EA Sports games in the overall top 20 game sales and seven titles with more than one million units sold.

Yet while things have apparently never been better, Moore said the company isn’t content to rest on its laurels. “We’re never satisfied. There’s always more we can do. It’s what we love about our business,” he wrote. “I hate to sound like a cheerleader, but the facts are the facts. And I don’t expect them to change anytime soon. We’re hitting this season in terms of quality and innovation stronger than we ever have at EA Sports. If I’m wrong, you’ll see more sporting a new tattoo – maybe a competitor’s logo?”

An interesting proposition, and potentially a unique opportunity. Like to help Peter pick a new tattoo? Make your suggestions here, and if we get some good ones – and it turns out to be a rough year for EA Sports – maybe we’ll send them along.

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