EA Sports President Peter Moore says his company needs to do better on Nintendo’s platforms in order to become more attractive to casual gamers.

In an interview with IGN, Moore said EA would be stepping up efforts to increase its profile as a Wii developer in order to satisfy the growing casual demographic. “There will be more announcements that will be, if you will, licensed intellectual property that will be, quite frankly, looking at the more casual consumer that we see as a bigger force in the business,” he said. “We need to do better on the Nintendo platforms, and we intend to do that. It’s a different type of game mechanic that the Nintendo Wii consumer, in particular, can play.”

But he also stated that despite growing interest in the Wii market, EA would not lose focus on its core audience. “When we look at our consumers, we talk about it, there are people who want to play authentic boxing, and there are people who want that more arcade style of play, and that’s what Facebreaker represents,” he said, referring to the recently announced arcade boxing title.

“[Boxing simulator] Fight Night is a great franchise, you bet we’re gonna continue to create games like Fight Night. Round 3 was a phenomenal game for us and did around $140 million in revenue on a worldwide basis, but we think there’s a different type of consumer that loves boxing games and doesn’t want the authentic simulation game that we currently offer.”

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