Peter Pan & Wendy first teaser trailer Disney live-action movie Disney+

In an age where Disney can’t stop itself from remaking beloved classic films, the first official trailer for the live-action Peter Pan & Wendy movie doesn’t look all that bad. This most recent live-action incarnation of the Peter Pan story already looks to change a few elements from the original story when it comes to Disney+ this April. Even so, many classic characters make an appearance in the trailer, including Alexander Molony’s Peter and Ever Anderson’s Wendy, some of the Lost Boys, Yara Shahidi’s Tinkerbell, and even Jude Law’s Captain Hook. See a live-action Neverland in the Peter Pan & Wendy trailer below.

One notable absence from the Peter Pan & Wendy trailer is Captain Hook’s ticking crocodile. Although the iconic croc is one of the original story’s more imaginative elements, the trailer still proves that Disney isn’t worried about bending reality ever so slightly. Peter, Wendy, and the rest of their crew can be seen gliding over mermaids and diving onto floating pirate ships.

Other than offering live-action takes on an iconic fairytale, the Peter Pan & Wendy trailer shows off some of its magical visuals. Fans have director David Lowery to thank, but its magical visuals should come as no surprise considering his last film, The Green Knight, featured some similarly stunning scenes.

The straight-to-streaming film no doubt comes with its fair share of talent, though how much of a splash it will make is a different story. Many fans have grown tired of Disney’s various remakes, with The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast being just a few examples of reimagined classics.

Peter Pan & Wendy lands on Disney+ on April 28, 2023. Today’s first look had a lot to show, but there is certainly more coming on the horizon. Stay tuned for more from Disney’s latest live-action remake.

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