Phase Tech Could Create Custom Rock Band Playlists


Personalized playlists could make their way to Rock Band after Harmonix’s Phase.

During the development of its iPod music title Phase, music game studio Harmonix utilized a process known as “Procedural Generation” to import players’ songs and design levels on the spot based on the song’s beat. Phase‘s release on the iPod (Harmonix revealed at GDC that the game was originally designed and prototyped on the Playstation Portable) inspired many fans of the company’s music titles to question whether this “Procedural Generation” could be used to include songs on a console as playable performances in Rock Band.

The Rock Band team is already ahead of the curve on this concept. Phase Senior Designer Chris Foster commented that “Harmonix is currently pursuing the possibility of allowing players to import their own music into” potential Rock Band sequels. However, he notes that while they are improving the technology, it is not yet advanced enough to handle Rock Band‘s multiple instruments.

Source: Game |Life

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