Xbox One console

There could be a day where your Xbox One will be able to play every single Xbox title released since the very first Xbox.

Xbox One’s backwards compatibility initiative has been a huge success – especially considering the company’s staunch opposition to the practice in the early days of the console. There’s currently over 100 Xbox 360 games that you can plug-and-play on your Xbox One, but Microsoft boss Phil Spencer doesn’t want to stop at just one generation. In a Twitter post, he expressed interest in bringing original Xbox games into the backwards compatibility program.

“I love the backwards compatibility for 360 titles, is it ever possible we will see Original Xbox backwards compatibility?” asked a fan. “We haven’t ruled it out but we aren’t working on it right now. I’d like to find the time to do it.” When he last spoke on the subject he said that he “asks the backwards compatibility team this question a lot”. The fact that he’s still actively thinking about it suggests that we may have moved from “is it possible?” to “it’s possible but not a priority.”

If backwards compatibility for original Xbox games were to come to the Xbox One, it would be one of the very first instances of two generation backwards compatibility for a console.

Source: Twitter

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