Phoenix Wright Creator Returns With Ghost Trick

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If you love quirky DS mystery games, Ghost Trick might be the title for you.

Capcom’s Ghost Trick for the Nintendo DS is the latest creation of Shu Takumi, the brains behind the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series. Players don’t experience the life of a yelling lawyer this time, but instead go through the trials and tribulations of a ghost trying to regain his memories.

Ghost Trick for the Nintendo DS begins with Sissel, the game’s main character, dying with his butt up in the air. It’s true, watch the new trailer. Nobody knows why people die like this in Japan. He becomes an amnesiac spirit that wants his memories back, and he does it by saving innocent victims from untimely deaths by visiting them four minutes before they’re killed.

To help these doomed people, Sissel possesses real world objects such as a wheeled cart or an attic door to solve logic puzzles. He’s a bit under the gun though, because when dawn hits Sissel’s soul will disappear forever.

Ghost Trick is billed as a text/puzzle adventure with over a dozen chapters. I’m a sucker for weird games, mysteries, and unique gameplay, which look to be all wrapped up in Ghost Trick along with a smooth graphical style. Ghost Trick is currently scheduled for release in Winter.

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