This one of-a-kind item won’t be going to the arcades any time soon.

It’s not Skit-B Pinball’s main project; that would be the rather sweet looking Predator table you can see in some of the background shots. However if you’ve a fondness for Duck Hunt and also for pinball wizardry, there’s a lot to love in this video demo of its custom pinball creation.

A Williams Valiant 1962 model was sacrificed to make this happen. “It was pretty far gone, anyways,” says Kevin Kulek, one of Skit-B’s team. Incidentally, for those wondering, Kulek also confirms that you can shoot the dog, “but it’s not easy!”

Neither is putting together that table, so congratulations to Skit-B; hope the Predator will be as fun as Duck Hunt looks!

Source: Obvious Winner

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