Pirates of the Caribbean Online, the MMOG inspired by the movie that was inspired by a theme park ride, launched today for the PC and Mac.

Players will create and customize their own pirate, take the helm of their own ship and assemble a crew of hearty brigands as they sail the fictionalized seas in a quest to become the most legendary pirate in the Caribbean. Film characters including Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann will make appearances, along with new characters and enemies unique to the game.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online will include dangerous quests for treasure through jungles, caves and vast tropical islands, battles with cutlasses, pistols, cannons and grenades, voodoo magic to heal wounds and curse enemies, and rare items and mysterious artifacts to be discovered and plundered. Players can band together to form temporary crew for quick battles, or join guilds for greater power and expanded adventures.

“The launch of Pirates of the Caribbean Online opens up an entirely new world of pirate adventures to thousands of fans who can now play alongside their favorite characters in a fully immersive environment that builds on and goes beyond the epic stories created in the films,” said Disney Online Executive Vice President Paul Yanover. “We believe the game’s focus on action and adventure, combined with many customization options will appeal to a broad audience of both gamers and fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as they set out on their own course to live the legend.”

Some parts of the game are available free of charge, while unlimited access can be had for a monthly fee of $9.95, with a special first month fee of $4.95. Pirates of the Caribbean Online has an ESRB rating of E10+; more information and a download link to the client software are available at

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