Pixar and John Carter of Mars Combined in Adorably Epic Sci-Fi Art


What happens when you combine Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Barsoom series with characters from Pixar’s movies? Some of the craziest sci-fi artwork in recent memory.

John Carter of Mars is one of those IPs that’s been in film development since (technically) the 1930s. Needless to say, nobody’s had much luck making an actual John Carter movie. However, the current film project looks like it might actually get off the ground, seeing as how Disney’s acquired the rights and Andrew Stanton -who directed Wall?E and Finding Nemo– has been attached to the movie (he was “loaned out” from Pixar to Disney for this specific movie). With someone from Pixar involved helming the film, Draw2D2 announced an art mash-up that combined Pixar characters in a scene with Tars Tarkas, and the results are certainly entertaining.

The submissions cover the range of clever and cute (like the one seen at right) to crazy and epic (like the one featuring Tar Tarkas standing over the Squeaky Aliens. These pieces are pretty entertaining; hopefully Stanton’s able to work a subtle Pixar cameo/homage into John Carter of Mars when he makes it (maybe a wrecked Wall?E unit?).

There’s a couple of other illustrations here in the attached gallery, but you can see even more over at Draw2D2.

Source: Draw2d2 via io9

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