Science Kombat pits some of history’s greatest scientists against one another in a no-holds-bared fighting tournament.

Who would win in a fight between Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein? Sadly, now that both of these scientists have passed on, we may never truly know, but now, thanks to upcoming pixel art fighter from Superinteressante magazine: Science Kombat, we can have the next best thing. As you may have gathered, Science Kombat pits some of history’s greatest scientists against one another, in a Street Fighter II/Mortal Kombat-esque tribute.

The pixel art in this game, provided by artist Diego Sanches is absolutely unreal. First, check out the basic fighting animations of the game’s seven fighters; Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Pythagoras, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking and Isaac Newton:

Next, check out some of the game’s “special moves”. Just like in most fighting games, all of our scientists have special attacks drawing inspiration from their area of expertise. Darwin has an “Evolution” combo attack, for example, while Stephen Hawking can teleport across the stage with his “Wormhole” ability, and Pythagoras can use his “Pythagorean Therom” to dish out a helping of right-angled pain.

Lastly, who do you feature as the “final boss” for a group of scientists? Religion, of course! The game’s final boss is named “The Divinity”, and takes the forms of various different religious icons in battle:

“The special powers of each scientist represent their major theories. Each scenario is a representative place of the scientist’s life (eg. Darwin is in Galapagos and Marie Curie in her lab). And the final boss will be God, that morphs into various God’s representations – like in Mortal Kombat, with Shang Tsung. We thought it would be a good metaphor for the battle of science against faith/superstition,” developer Fred Di Giacomo told us.

The game will be released “in the next 3-4 weeks”, so until then, please enjoy this sneak peek of its amazing artwork. Alternatively, you can check out Filosopfighters – Superinteressante’s previous effort which pits famous philosophers against one another in the wresting wring.

Source: Superinteressante Magazine

All images used with permission.

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