Pixel Space Opera Galactic Princess Meets Kickstarter Goal


Space survival simulator Galactic Princess has hit its £20,000 Kickstarter goal in just seven days.

Galactic Princess caused a bit of a stir in the indie scene when the teaser trailer was released in November. The retro-styled pixel art and a gif of the games’ impressive in-game zoom got the sandbox space exploration simulator some early fans. Galactic Princess launched their Kickstarter campaign February 14, and after seven days the campaign has already met the £20,000 goal. As of writing, 1,366 backers have contributed a total of £21,214 (about $35,300 USD). The game was also greenlit on Steam on February 19.

Galactic Princess puts you in the captain’s chair of a smuggling ship, operating outside a tyrannical government and doing your best to survive in space by any means necessary. Mickaël Mancini, head of Paris-based studio Cecly, told The Escapist that the physics in Galactic Princess sets it apart from other space exploration games like FTL. “Physics and real-time maneuvers change everything,” says Mancini. The spaceships are fully customizable, with the games’ physics reacting to how your ship is constructed. A few of the possible configurations are shown on the Kickstarter page. “In addition to providing sandbox gameplay, Galactic Princess is primarily focused on the crew and human resources,” says Mancini. “The crew is the key.”

As a pirate and smuggler, you come across the legend of the Galactic Princess, which promises you glory and power. Mancini says that that main story of Galactic Princess was inspired by the Greek myth of Andromeda. “We draw our inspiration from the gold old science fiction like Alien or Space Pirate Captain Harlock, games like Starflight, Asteroids, and even modern pop culture like Futurama and Bravest Warriors,” says Mancini. “What interests me in this process is how the authors saw science fiction at their time and how they were themselves influenced.”

The campaign still has 22 days to go, with stretch goals that include additional species, weapons, pets, and greater customization for spaceships and weapons. Galactic Princess is targeting a December 2015 release, so fans will have to wait almost two years to set out on their galactic journey. For me, anything that can point to both Ripley and Catbug as influences is worth a look.

Source: Galactic Princess on Kickstarter

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