Planet Moon Studios to developer for additional platforms beyond the Playstation Portable.

Planet Moon Studios, once an exclusive developer for the Playstation Portable, announced that it would be creating titles for other systems.

Chief Operating Officer Aaron Loeb talked with 1Up about his company’s announcement to develop for new consoles. “One of the things that was funny was when we made that announcement, people assumed what we were announcing. They sort of read between the lines and assumed that we’d become a handheld developer, which was never our intention with it. The goal of Planet Moon when it was founded was to make original IP and it’s still our goal as a company — it’s still our striving mission.”

Loeb explains that the move will help Planet Moon grow. “There are some developers people perceive as, ‘Oh well they tried [and couldn’t] make it in PC and console so they went handheld,'” he continues. “I think, unfortunately, some people took that announcement to be us saying that, and that is certainly not what we were saying. It was an absolutely calculated decision on our part. … And we’re now at the stage in our development, where we are looking at again — okay, we want to be making original IP. What are the best platforms in the industry to be making original IP?”

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