Human Resources is a post-apocalyptic strategy RPG with a twist: instead of saving or defending humans, you’re mining them.

An apocalyptic environment is not unusual in gaming, but Uber Entertainment hopes to put a unique spin on the oft-used setting with Human Resources. This strategy RPG puts players in control of devastating factions of killer robots or interdimensional monsters, with humans being the resource mined. The developer is hoping to raise $1.4 million in funding for Human Resources via Kickstarter, with just over $172,000 raised as of this morning.

According to Studio Art Director Chandara Ekanayake, humans are “not in a good place” in Human Resources, which is made clear in the Kickstarter video. What’s left of humanity is being used as an energy source for the warring factions to make “bigger and better things” to continue their paths of devastation. The Kickstarter page boasts “insanely huge battles” in which the player can command hundreds of units, as well as “breathtaking” comic-inspired artwork. Design Director and strategy veteran John Comes calls it “an amalgamation of everything I love merged into one awesome package.” Human Resources is currently planned as a February 2016 PC release, assuming it meets its crowd-funding goal.

Uber Entertainment is no stranger to the strategy RPG arena, nor is this its first time using crowd-sourcing to raise funds; a Kickstarter campaign for the recently released Planetary Annihilation raised over $2.2 million, more than double its original goal of $900,000. With over a month to go until its November 4 deadline, Uber Entertainment has over $1.2 million left to raise.

Source: Kickstarter

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