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Sony Online Entertainment has announced plans to release new patches and content updates every Wednesday going forward.

Arguably one of the most important things for any online game, especially in the burgeoning free-to-play market, is the delivery of consistent updates. With a nearly limitless number of gaming options out there, your player base needs to feel like you’re addressing problems quickly and constantly doing things, big and small, to improve the game and keep it fresh.

That in mind, Sony Online Entertainment, has revealed that beginning on Wednesday January 15th, it will be launching weekly game updates for its popular online shooter PlanetSide 2. The company believes these more frequent, regular updates will allow it to “more rapidly respond to bugs & balance issues in the game.” SOE also says that these weekly updates will be “more focused” and hopes that their smaller size will “greatly decrease the number of bugs being introduced when we update.” The developer also affirmed however, that these bite-sized updates won’t replace “bigger features and larger content pieces,” which it claims will be “slotted into the weekly schedule as they’re ready to be released.”

Overall, this strikes us as a smart move on SOE’s part that should help it appear more responsive and active in its support of PlanetSide 2. Of course, the whole thing hinges on the company’s ability to keep pace with the promised updates. As much as regular fixes and new content can help fortify gamers’ faith in a game, lapsing on promises can be a swift method for dissolving that same trust.

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